Touchscreens VS. Keyboard and Mouse

tropical desktop I often wonder how the types of devices used affects learning about computers. When I first started using computers, I used a keyboard and mouse, though I didn’t learn keyboarding until years later. It seems like these days, many people first start with computers using a touch screen. I don’t know why, but there’s something that bothers me a little bit with using touchscreens more than keyboard and mouse. Here is my list of pros and cons for touchscreen use:


  • Sometimes better for digital art
  • Can be better for those with disabilities
  • Less to learn


  • Much slower for writing
  • Slower to navigate around the computer
  • Less to learn


I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that there is less to learn though I listed this as a pro as well. I have always loved learning though it has definitely acted as an impediment to me with technology. So I can understand wanting to have less to learn before being able to access a computer. Maybe a good compromise is starting out with keyboard and mouse if possible. If not, use a touchscreen while slowly incorporating keyboard and mouse use.

What do you think, how does touchscreen use affect learning about computers?


First blog post, Welcome to Tech Confidence!

Thanks for stopping by! This is my first post. On this blog I would like to post information about how to use technology more confidently. Some of the problems I’ve seen others have with technology includes: typing, social media use, email use, password management, security worries, and just avoiding technology all together. I am going to try to address some of those issues here.

Personal connections are as important as they have always been. Technology and social media should not replace them. Though, technology can enhance some relationships making it easier to reach out to loved ones far away or make new friends. Technology can be so helpful; I want everyone to be able to understand and use it.


My name is Katie, I’m 31, and I first got a home computer when I was 9 years old. I thought it was great! I used our card-making software, Corel, to print out tons of clip-art to paste all over my walls. I also had fun messing around on the computer. It was a huge desktop. My mom got me started with some educational software I loved it! She wasn’t really worried about me messing up anything though I think she did tell me print out less clip-art!

For a long time in school we used encyclopedias and other references from the library to research and write papers. I didn’t start using the internet to research things until highschool. Until then, my research was mostly done on paper, after flipping through an actual card catalog at the library. In college I still used hardcopy books as references in my papers. And I absolutely always took hand-written notes in class to be polite to the speaker and to form more of a connection with the information. But when researching a paper, talk, or post, the note-taking and writing does go quite a bit faster with a keyboard.